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Salvaguardar (2019)

The neighborhood Coyoacán has only one source that is accessible to the public. This source is crucial for the community in this neighborhood because it is their only possibility to have water in case of pollution of the common tap water. But this source is threatened by negotiations of the government. Activists are secretly collecting signatures in case the negotiations would fail. For us, the goal was to help in this process and fight for potable water. We had an interview with an old lady, called María de Los Angeles Fernández Castillo, who told us about her activist days and about the necessity to be active. „Pues hay que luchar, para que un diá no nos haga vergüenza de que no hicimos nada.“ (Well, we have to fight, so that one day does not make us ashamed that we did nothing.)
Together we organized a meeting with water activists from the neighborhood. Because we didn’t want to infiltrate in their negotiations with the government, we asked them, what we could do best. They proposed to us to create an awareness that there exists an actual water problem. After this meeting we asked them to take an object they related to water. With those objects and the spoken stories, they told about their fight for water we created a booklet and a mural on the provided wall.