Landbot | Convert a Landing Page into a Chatbot
performance in collaboration with Leonie Scheidt

Two joggers move quickly, sometimes slowly, choppily, sometimes abruptly, standing still through the park.
They are equipped with a belt to which a smartphone and a loudspeaker are attached. Their faces are lifeless and they do not speak, but you can hear instructions from another person from the loudspeakers. In the park there are two small train stations with screens. On these screens you can see pictures of the park, a live broadcast. Next to each of them there is a headset that is ready to be put on. A manual attached to the station explains the function of the screen and the headset: the offer is to explore the park and the current exhibition comfortably from the station. By speaking into the microphone of the headset, instructions can be given to control an avatar or one of the connected joggers. The joggers listen to the instructions of the visitors via the loudspeaker carried by the headset and react to them by making the required movements. The visitors stay in one place and still move through their avatars.

Jogging (Frankfurt)

Jogging (Rundgang HBKsaar)