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3-channel video, installation

A white room, consisting mainly of soft materials, offers itself to the beholder and above all to the toucher. The floor gently relents under the feet and the ceiling also adapts almost without resistance to the head, the back or the outstretched hands. The low ceiling and the small space embrace the visitor and inevitably lead to touching.
You can not enter the room upright without deforming the ceiling, but at the same time it does not restrict because of its soft fabrics and its flexibility. It can also surround several bodies at the same time and become a group experience.
As you enter, you will immediately notice the monitors installed in the middle of three of the four walls. They show videos and surround the visitor in balance.
The act of massage that is common to all three videos reinforces and is in tune with the cleanliness, clarity and well-being of the white room. Massage means contact. Mostly, and at best, warm and warm contact between two people.
In the videos, however, the anonymous masseur wears plastic gloves and thus hampers interpersonal contact in the most extreme way.

exhibition view